breast cancer treatment in Hyderabad Breast Cancer Treatment In Hyderabad

One among the cancers that form in the cells of the breasts is called breast cancer. It’s the most common cancer diagnosed in women’s. It can occur in both men and women but it’s far more common in women.
Symptoms of breast cancer:
*) It includes a lump in the breast
*) Blood discharge from the nipple
*) Changes the appearance of nipple or breast
If we find such symptoms firstly will move to primary care physician and from there to a gynecologist from there to finally ONCOLOGIST. ONCOLOGY is a branch which deals with cancer, therefore, ONCOLOGIST SURGEON is a doctor Medically Trained to take care of patient after diagnosis of cancer.
Once cancer diagnosed the MEDICAL ONCOLOGIST starts treatment because they are thorough with cancers behave and grow and also knows the medication to treat them. If repeatedly breast cancer coming back they have to go for more treatments (chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, radiation therapy). All these were seen by ONCOLOGIST SURGEON and monitors the health during the treatment. He or She follows the progress frequently and review your complete reports before and after treatment.