How to know if you have cancer?

Cancer is a disease where abnormal cells tend to grow anywhere in the body.

These particular abnormal cells are also referred to as cancer cells, malignant cells and even tumour cells.

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases that affects not just human beings but also animals. Cancer occurs in human beings, significantly depending on many factors, and when it comes to detecting them, Dr Madhu Devarasetty is known to be the best cancer doctor in Hyderabad.

Many factors determine the type of cancer that afflicts a person, age and gender of the person is the critical factor, followed by food diet, environmental factors, and genetics.

 According to a recent survey done by a significant organization, 9.5 million people die every year from cancer.

Lung cancer, stomach cancer, breast, liver and colon cancer are some of the major ones that cause death each year.

 As discussed above, there are a few defining factors that contribute to afflicting people with cancer. To determine the initial incidents that trigger the development of cancer in a patient is hard to pinpoint. But after doing advanced research, the doctors and scientists have found that there are several factors that, alone or sometimes in conjunction with other causes, are most likely to contribute to causing cancer.

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Below are the few postulated causes of cancer.

Getting exposed to chemicals

There are at least sixty six known chemicals that are carcinogenic, meaning having the potential to cause cancer. These chemicals can actively cause cancer in a person depending on the amount of time they have spent amidst the carcinogens.

The more time he or she is exposed to the chemicals, the more chances for the person to be affected by them.

Benzene, Beryllium, vinyl chloride, asbestos and arsenic are some of the most dangerous carcinogens.

 Harmful effects of Ionizing radiation

The harmful ultraviolet rays that are emitted via direct sunlight is an example of Ionizing radiation. The radiation from alpha, beta, gamma and X-ray is also equally hazardous because it causes cell damage to living tissues.

High doses of radiation often result in radiation burn and radiation sickness; if exposed for a long time, it can lead to cancer.

 Cancer can be hereditary.

 Genetics can play up to five to ten per cent of causing cancer; if a genetic mutation is passed on from the parent to the child, it may not mean that the child will have cancer but will increase the risk.

 It is noteworthy to mention that irrespective of the genes, every person can be within the periphery of being affected with cancer due to their lifestyle choices and dietary habits.

Many people have genes that can be linked to cancer, but they are never diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

Lack of enough stimulus is attributed to the genes not function, ultimately triggering cancer.

According to specific research, a particular food, nutrition, lifestyle, and body’s immune system can act to prevent or develop cancer in people.

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 Identify the early signs and symptoms of cancer.

How do you know that you have cancer? Is there something you can do to ascertain?

Our bodies have a way of saying that there is something wrong; there will be signs and symptoms that you will notice, which could be painful and discomforting.

A person might experience a particular symptom depending on the kind of cancer he or she is afflicted with.

For instance, in lung cancer, the disease’s early sign could be gauged through excessive pain in the chest, bleeding while coughing, and becoming out of breath, followed by fatigue.

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