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An oncologist surgeon or surgical oncologist removes the tumor and nearby tissue during surgery. He or she also performs some types of biopsies to help and diagnose cancer.  Oncologist surgeon in Hyderabad  Best Oncologist In Hyderabad, Himayat Nagar. Consult  DR. MADHU DEVARASETTY to get started on your cancer treatment. Get advised on the right cancer treatment by the best surgical oncologist in Hyderabad. 15 years of extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer by Dr. Madhu. Devarasetty, Surgical Oncologist & Robotic Surgeon

Historically Surgery Was Only The Treatment For Cancer growth:-

Historically, surgery was the only treatment for cancer growth with pioneering surgeons driving the limits of information down through the millennia. Just in the only remaining century have non-careful methods given an assistant or all the more once in a while, an option in contrast to the medical procedure. In spite of the advances in therapeutic and radiation oncology, medical procedure is as yet the main methodology with the possibility to fix the most strong diseases. Specialists have a significant job in cancer growth medications and research, driving the analytic and treatment pathways for most tumors from directing patients about their determination through to medical procedure and aftercare. They have likewise driven a significant number of extraordinary advances in cancer growth to explore.

Cancer Care With Oncologist Surgeons:-

Be that as it may, cancer growth care has advanced all-around quickly in the course of the most recent couple of decades, and in this way, another kind of specialist is expected to keep pace with these changes. Never again is medical procedure alone the main treatment for most strong cancers yet a blend of medical procedure and multi-modular treatments (with exceptionally focussed radiotherapy, directed sub-atomic treatments, and polychemotherapy) turning into the advanced standard of consideration.

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