Robotic surgeon in Hyderabad
Surgical oncologist in hyderabad
Robotic surgeon in Hyderabad
Surgical oncologist in hyderabad
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Oncologist Surgeon in Hyderabad 

Madhavi Popuri
Madhavi Popuri
Dr Madhu Devarasetty is the best surgeon.He conducted thyroidectomy to my mother,it went very smoothly. Special thanks to Dr Amulya for guiding us and clearing our doubts throughout the process.Thanks to Prabha garu for coordinating the whole process.
prabha k
prabha k
Satisfied with the treatment by Dr. Madhu
Raghu Varma
Raghu Varma
Best surgical oncologist and robotic surgeon in Hyderabad I am very happy
Fathima Begum
Fathima Begum
Best Oncology treatment in Hyderabad
Gopi Sabitha
Gopi Sabitha
Dr Madhu D sir one of best surgical oncologist.Thanking him for his utmost care & precaution give by him
vali kims
vali kims
Best oncologist surgeon in Hyderabad
Rajesh Putta
Rajesh Putta
The best robitic surgeon and also does the perfect patient counseling post surgery.
Muthyala Ganesh
Muthyala Ganesh
Wonderful experience with UMA CANCER FOUNDATION Dr. Madhu. D ..He is a wonderful surgeon and the staff was always helpful and kind. They ensured we had a smooth prep, surgery, and follow-up. We are so glad to chose (UMA CANCER FOUNDATION) would highly recommend to anyone
Bhargav Gaddam
Bhargav Gaddam
Good Doctor

Conditions Treated 



Cancer hospital In Hyderabad Every year More than 47,500 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer 



 cancer doctor in hyderabad Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the women worldwide



cancer hospital in hyderabadCancer tumors on chest include Pain, Soreness in chest area, swelling, Impaired movement.



head & Neck tumourHead & Neck Cancers usually starts in the squamous cells that line the mucosal surfaces of the head and neck



Common types of gastrointestinal cancers are Esophagae, Gastric (Stomach Cancer), Colorectal Cancer



Bladder Cancer most oftenly begins in the urothelial cells that line the inside of your bladder. Upper urinary tract

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Robotic surgeon in Hyderabad


A robotic surgery procedure may be a kind of negligibly intrusive surgery. “Negligibly obtrusive” implies that as against performing on patients through enormous cuts. The robotic surgeon control

oncologist surgeon in Hyderabad


An oncologist surgeon or surgical oncologist removes the tumor and nearby tissue during surgery. Get advised on the right cancer treatment by the best surgical oncologist Dr. Madhu D in Hyderabad

;aparoscopic surgeon in Hyderabad


Laparoscopic surgery is a specialized character for performing laparoscopic surgery. In the past, surgery was commonly used for gynecologic surgery and for gall bladder surgery

oncologist surgeon hyderabad

Dr. Madhu Devarasetty, MS, MCh, (Surgical Oncology) Robotic Surgery(Trained In Seoul, South Korea) Specialist In Laparoscopic Pancreatic Surgery

Sr. Consultant Surgical Oncologist & Minimal Invasive Surgeon

Dr Madhu Devarasetty is the best robotic surgeon and surgical oncologists in Hyderabad. Cancer is treatable if it’s not too late. Almost half of people who get cancer are diagnosed late, which makes treatment less chances of succeed and reduces the chances of survival

Cancer Care With Best Oncology Surgeon in Hyderabad

Cancer growth care has advanced all-around quickly in the course of the most recent couple of decades, and in this way, another kind of specialist is expected to keep pace with these changes. Never again is medical procedure alone the main treatment for most strong cancers yet a blend of medical procedure and multi-modular treatments (with exceptionally focussed radiotherapy, directed sub-atomic treatments, and polychemotherapy) turning into the advanced standard of consideration.

oncologist surgeon hyderabad

Best Surgical Oncologists in Hyderabad

Uma cancer foundation is comprised of some of the top surgical oncologists in Hyderabad. Leading surgical oncologists and radiation oncologists from Hyderabad are also members of the team. At Uma Cancer Foundation in Hyderabad, we offer exceptional care to each and every patient because cancer treatment is extremely specialised and demands years of knowledge and skill. Some of the cancers that are treated by our top cancer doctors in Hyderabad are brain tumours, breast cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer, bone cancer, rectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, skin cancer, leukaemia, lymphoma, prostate cancer, throat cancer, and lung cancer. A group of knowledgeable nurses, rehabilitative therapists, plastic surgeons, pharmacists, fertility specialists, haematologists, etc. supports our primary oncology staff. This guarantees that our patients will receive complete care under one roof.

Modern technology for diagnostics, imaging investigations, and robotic surgery is used in Hyderabad to supplement their skills. Additionally, we offer specialised acute care units, operating rooms, and chemotherapy centres (ICU). Our team offers comprehensive treatment and care for a variety of illnesses thanks to a top team of cancer doctors in Hyderabad. It specialises at using cutting-edge research while providing individualised care to help the patient recover quickly.


Who is an oncologist ?

An oncologist is a doctor who specialises in the prevention, detection, and treatment of cancer.

Who is a surgical oncologist ?

A surgical oncologist is an expert in performing surgeries to remove cancers and surrounding tissue. In order to diagnose cancer, he or she could perform biopsies.

What are the types of oncologists ?

Surgical, medical, and radiation oncologists are the three main subspecialties. Radiation oncologists use radiation treatment to treat cancer, while medical oncologists use chemotherapy, targeted therapy, etc.

Who is the best oncologist surgeon in Hyderabad ?

Dr. Madhu Devarasetty is the leading robotic and surgical oncologist in Hyderabad. Dr. Madhu being highly proficient in handling multiple cases. He has experience of 11 years with a high success rate of cancer surgeries. Dr. Madhu Devarasetty practices at Uma Cancer Foundation in Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad, KIMS – Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences in Secunderabad . He treated 1000’s of cancer patients suffering with different types of cancers.

Where can I find best cancer treatment in Hyderabad ?

Consider the hospital’s amenities and its track record of successfully treating the patient’s kind of cancer before selecting a hospital and a doctor for cancer treatment. Since every cancer is unique, so can the treatment, as well as the facilities that are needed.

Uma Cancer Foundation is one of the most distinguished oncology hospitals in Hyderabad. it has provided patients with a range of medical needs. Advanced tools are available at its three cancer institutes for the detection and management of different cancer kinds. A tumour board, made up of experts from various fields such as surgical oncology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, haematology, fertility, etc., evaluates each patient on an individual basis.

How to know the best cancer specialist in Hyderabad ?

Before selecting a hospital or cancer expert, it is crucial to know the type of cancer you have in order to receive the finest medical care. The course of treatment will differ depending on the type of cancer. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or a combination of the three can all be used to treat it. Select a medical facility that has oncologists with expertise in treating the patient’s cancer. Since every cancer is unique, understanding how it works as well as the available treatments as well as their effectiveness is crucial. The patient will use this information to help them choose the top surgical oncologist in Hyderabad for their medical requirements.

Oncologists at Uma Cancer Foundation have experience treating a range of cancers. Uma Cancer Foundation collaborates with top cancer institutions throughout the world for clinical research, allowing them to apply the most cutting-edge technologies to effectively treat cancer and assist the patient in returning to normal life.

Who is the best cancer specialist in Hyderabad?

Dr Madhu Devarasetty is the Best Cancer Doctor in Hyderabad with 13 Years Experience. Being a best cancer specialist in Hyderabad, we ensure best cancer treatment with affordable medical care using latest technology.

What is a medical oncologist do?

A medical professional with specialised training in employing chemotherapy, hormone treatment, biological therapy, and targeted therapy to diagnose and treat adult cancer. When someone has cancer, a medical oncologist is frequently their primary healthcare provider.

Which oncologist is best?

Dr Madhu Devarasetty is one of the Top 10 Oncologists in India with a high success rate of surgeries in the oncology department.

Is an oncologist a surgeon?

The term “surgical oncologist” refers to a surgeon who specializes on performing biopsies, removing cancerous tumours and surrounding tissue, as well as other cancer-related surgeries. A radiation oncologist specialises in using radiation treatment to treat cancer in order to reduce the size of cancerous cells, eradicate them, or lessen cancer-related symptoms.

When should I see a surgical oncologist?

If you have a growth or tumour, you might visit a surgical oncologist. You may be sent to a surgical oncologist for a biopsy if your primary care physician has a suspicion that you may have cancer. As part of your cancer therapy, a doctor may recommend that you see a surgical oncologist if you have previously received a cancer diagnosis.

What is the difference between medical oncology and surgical oncology?

Your medical oncologist will use chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy, or immunotherapy to treat your cancer. A radiation oncologist will use radiation treatment to treat your cancer. Tumors are surgically removed by a surgical oncologist.

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Dr. Madhu Devarasetty is a Surgical Oncologist, oncologist surgeon, and Cancer Surgeon in Hyderabad. He is a member of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Association of Surgeons of India (ASI), and Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India (AMASI). He has experience of 13 years with a high success rate of surgeries in the oncology department.

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