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Comprehensive care and treatment for cancer

There are a few recommended cancer hospitals across the country which cater to the growing concerns of cancer patients. Hospitals work persistently and consistently for cancer patients. These hospitals have their own qualified teams of cancer specialists and the best cancer doctor in Hyderabad.

Best cancer doctor in Hyderabad 

About oncology

The specialized branch of medicine that is solely and entirely devoted to the field of cancer is oncology. It involves diagnosis, treatments as well as researches. Doctors tending to the needs of cancer patients are known as oncologists. Various medical procedures are involved in the treatment of cancer. Hence it requires a specialty team or a team of specialists.


Conditions treated by oncologist surgeons and Best cancer doctor in Hyderabad

Medical oncologists are basically doctors who treat cancer utilizing chemotherapy and other medications. These include targeted therapy as well as immunotherapy. For a cancer patient, he is the only health care provider. He leads the development of the treatment of the patient. He works in accordance with all the other medical departments for the nicest results. The follow-ups and the check-ups of the patients post-treatment are carried out by the medical oncologists.

Surgical oncologists are surgeons who specialize in the surgical removal of cancerous tumours. They are general surgeons who go through all the additional training related to the field of oncology. Several surgical procedures are also related to surgical oncologists. To help diagnose cancer, they are also specialized in performing certain types of biopsies.

Radiation oncologists treat cancer through radiation therapy. The radiation therapies employ high-energy x rays in order to kill the cancerous cells. It is not possible to completely destroy the cancerous cells at times. Oncologists utilize the radiations in order to reduce the tumour or slow the growth of the respective tumour. This does not affect the neighbouring tissues. Palliative therapy is what this is termed. The main purpose of this particular therapy is to improve the quality of the patient’s life by controlling the growth of the tumour. The symptoms related to it can be controlled as well.

Radiation oncologists take brachytherapy to treat cancer patients. Radioactive sources are implanted directly into or next to the tumour in this therapy. The radiation radioactive sources may be left in the place permanently depending upon the type of cancer.

Gynaecology oncologists treat cancers related to the female reproductive systems. These mainly are ovarian cancer, cervical cancer and more. The trained obstetrician gynaecologists take additional fellowship training in order to sub-specialize in oncology.

Paediatric oncologists specialize in the treatment of cancer in children. There are certain cancers that affect children as well as young teenagers. These are brain tumours, leukaemia and Ewing’s sarcoma.

Procedures and tests for cancer

There are various procedures and tests for cancer such as – Barium enema – this is a procedure that is utilized to find health conditions in the colon and the rectum.

  • Biopsy and the bone marrow aspiration – these are the procedures that can provide information about the red blood cells and the white blood cells.
  • MRI of the breast – this is an imaging test used to look at the tissues of the breast
  • Computed tomography or CT scan – this is a type of imaging test utilized to find and learn more about cancer. 
  • Electrocardiogram or EKG and echocardiogram – these are the tests utilized to find problems with the heart muscle, the valves, or the rhythm.


You can search for the best cancer treatment in Hyderabad. Several hospitals provide a one-stop destination for people who need to find out about cancer treatments. They have several packages as well as doctors emerging in various different fields.

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