Poor hygiene, HPV infection, multiple sex partners, coitus in the early age.
Lack of awareness leads to late presentation.

What are common symptoms of cervical cancer?
Has varied presentations, most often presents with bleeding per vagina, white discharge and pain during sex. Other symptoms include watery discharge, back pain and urinary problems.

How is the diagnosis of cervical cancer made?
Clinical presentation guides specialist to the diagnosis. Cervical biopsy is done for confirmation. It’s a painless procedure. After confirmation CECT Scan abdomen and pelvis done to know the extent of cancer. Staging done to decide the treatment options.

What are the stages and treatments of cervical cancer?
Stage 1 confined to cervix
Stage II spread beyond the cervix
Stage III Spread up to pelvic side wall

Nodal involvement
Stage IV Adjacent organ involvement
Treatment options
Stage I – Surgery
Stage II – Radiation
Stage III – Radiation
Stage IV – Radiation

What is the life expectancy of patients with cervical cancer?
Cervical cancer patients detected at an early stage who undergo complete treatment can be cured.
Locally advanced cervical cancer patients receiving radiation followed by surgery if needed can also expect good survival,some of them get cured. It’s important that women around 40yrs to attend screening programs and try to improve awareness about the symptoms of cervical cancer , so that early presentations increase and most of those patients can be cured.

Written and Verified by
Dr. D. Madhu
Senior consultant Surgical Oncologist & Robotic Surgeon
Uma Cancer foundation & Kims hospital Secunderabad

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