Surgical oncology 

Surgical oncology is a cancer care field that centers around utilizing a medical procedure to analyze, stage, and treat disease. Dr madhu devarasetty is the best Surgical oncologists in hyderabad do palliative medical procedures to help control torment, increment a patient’s so lace level and oversee cancer-related indications and results.

 Regardless of whether a patient is a possibility for medical procedure relies upon variables like the sort, size, area, evaluation, and phase of the tumor, just as issues identified with the patient’s health, plus age, real wellness, and other ailments.

 Numerous patients may have cancer surgery treatment joined with different therapies, like chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and chemical treatment. There are various types of cancer treatment by the best surgical oncologists in Hyderabad.


Advanced Surgical Recovery Program (ASURE)

The Advanced Surgical Recovery Program (ASURE) is intended to help patients recuperate a medical procedure all the more rapidly and with fewer intricacies. ASURE is proposed to improve surgical results and upgrade the patient experience previously, during, and after medical procedures while likewise diminishing patients’ general clinic stay.

 The program is conveyed by a multidisciplinary group of specialists, anesthesiologists, nutritionists, mind-body advisors, medical attendants, and different clinicians working cooperatively to actualize confirmed educated conventions, all under one rooftop. ASURE joins post-surgical recovery with pre-habilitation by planning patients before a medical procedure.


 A medical procedure to eliminate an index is known as an appendectomy. It is typically a crisis system performed when the appendix, a little organ connected to the digestive organ, gets disturbed and aroused. The condition is called a ruptured appendix. The supplement swells when it gets hindered by contamination, malignancy, an unfamiliar material, or stool.

 When an appendectomy is performed, and an index tumor is found, and lab tests affirm it is a reference section (or appendiceal) disease, an extra medical procedure to eliminate more tissue might be fundamental. Notwithstanding index a medical practice, patients may get chemotherapy, and in uncommon cases, radiation treatment.

 Bowel resection

 Bowel resection is a surgery used to treat and forestall malignant growth and different colon sicknesses by eliminating part of the internal organ. It is otherwise called a colectomy, colon resection, or colon evacuation. A medical procedure is a typical therapy for colorectal malignancy. Gut resection includes the surgical evacuation of colorectal tumors, just as encompassing tissue and a few close by lymph hubs. Bowel resection that provides for eliminating the whole colon is known as a complete colectomy.


ERBEJET2 utilizes high-pressure water fly to precisely target and take apart water-dissolvable tissue and give exact edges along the line of analysis. This procedure is intended to help save basic constructions, similar to veins, nerves, and conduits, and may help decrease potential blood loss. ERBEJET2 might be utilized in both open and laparoscopic surgeries, commonly with more limited working occasions.

 Adaptable mechanical medical procedure (Flex® Robotic System)

 The Flex® Robotic System is a surgical framework practiced by the best surgical oncologists in Hyderabad with a flexible mechanical endoscope. The insignificantly intrusive innovation permits specialists to get to hard-to-arrive at the mouth, throat, rectum, and colon territories. In the throat, the framework’s adaptable extension is intended to permit specialists to view and arrive at parts of the throat that aren’t normally or effectively open with standard instruments. A conventional endoscope moves in straight lines and is restricted to views. In the rectum and colon, the extension permits specialists to view and arrive at zones that were beforehand just open by a medical procedure.

 Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC)

 HIPEC is a profoundly thoughtful, warmed chemotherapy treatment that is conveyed straightforwardly to the mid-region during a medical procedure. In contrast to fundamental chemotherapy conveyance, which circles all through the body, HIPEC means chemotherapy straightforwardly to disease cells in the mid-region.

 Before patients get HIPEC treatment, specialists do a cytoreductive medical procedure to eliminate obvious tumors in the mid-region. A cytoreductive medical practice is cultivated utilizing different surgical strategies.

Surgical choices for lymphedema

Lymphedema is a condition wherein an abundance of lymphatic liquid gathers and causes growing, ordinarily in the arms or legs. The situation is a consequence of harmed lymph hubs following malignancy treatment. Two surgical alternatives to treat lymphedema include:

 Vascularized lymph hub move a medical procedure: This is a perplexing microsurgical system used to treat patients with advanced lymphedema influencing the skin tissue in the arms or legs. Our plastic specialists move working lymph hubs from another piece of the body, ordinarily the upper crotch or lower midsection, to the affected part.

 Lymphaticovenular sidestep a medical procedure: This medical procedure is an unpredictable super-microsurgical methodology used to get patients with mellow moderate lymphedema. Our plastic specialists do the medical practice by shunting or moving liquid from a few expanded lymphatics in the influenced appendage to neighboring venules to decrease pressure.


 A pneumonectomy is a medical procedure performed to eliminate a whole lung. It very well might be performed to treat non-little cell cellular breakdown in the lungs and conditions like ongoing obstructive pneumonic sickness (COPD) and tuberculosis. The kinds of pneumonectomy systems include:

 Standard pneumonectomy: Only the infected left or right lung is taken out.

 Extrapleural pneumonectomy: The unhealthy left or right lung is taken out, notwithstanding segments of the stomach, pericardium (the membrane covering the heart), and the pleura (the membrane the chest cavity). Extrapleural pneumonectomy is commonly performed to treat mesothelioma.

 Pneumonectomy strategies might be intrusive and complicated. Patients get general anesthesia with the goal that they rest through the system. Patients likewise have an endotracheal tube set in their mouths, which permits a ventilator to relax for them during the medical procedure.

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